Tuesday, April 14, 2009

IIT JEE 2011 Annual Study Plan for Physics 2010-11

Study plan: Every day four and half hours are to be spent to do the first reading, answering questions and problem solving.

For each chapter first ten day period is detailed reading and one hour is to be spent. For the next ten days, the period is treated as revision period for the chapter and half an hour is spent. Thus one and half hours are to be spent for each subject and three subjects require four and half hours of study.

Every student has to customize this plan harmonize with the chapter being covered in his regular class or coaching class. You insert the chapter that is being covered in your class in the place of chapter plannined here and shift one chapter forwards. You will save time and learn better that way. Harmonize your reading with the chapter being covered in your class. But you have to take responsibility for self study, and for covering and completing the portion by December 2010.

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May 2010

19. Optical instruments
20. Dispersion and spectra
21. Speed of light

June 2010

22. Photometry
29. Electric Field and Potential
30. Gauss's Law

July 2010

31. Capacitors
32. Electric Current in Conductors
33. Thermal and Chemical Effects of Electric Current

August 2010

34. Magnetic Field
35. Magnetic field due to a Current
36. Permanent Magnets

September 2010

37. Magnetic Properties of Matter
38. Electro Magnetic Induction
39. Alternating current

October 2010

40. Electromagnetic Waves
41. Electric Current through Gases
42. Photoelectric Effect and Waveparticle Duality

November 2010

43. Bohr's Model and Physics of Atom
44. X-Rays
46. Nucleus

December 2010

45. SemiConductors and Semiconductor Devices
47. The Special Theory of Relativity

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