Wednesday, April 29, 2009

IIT JEE 2011 Study Plan Begins from Tomorrow

Some might have already started the XI class portion.

As per my study plan, candidates can start XI portion from tomorrow, 1st May. Use even today to revise X class portion. The more you remember concepts and formulas from your X portion the more easy it will be to understand and remember XI portion.

You may not have joined any junior colleage at yet. But that should not stop you from your self study. You have to develop the habit of self study. If you do not understand from self study use orkut communities for discussion. There are many more like you and they will help you to overcome the initial conceptual issue clarifications.

IIT JEE Academy is one such orkut community with 325 members as on now. The membership is increasing day by day and participation also will increase. The annual plan and monthly plan for study are already given in this blog. Have a look at them, understand the effort involved and customize the plan according to your needs and preferences.

Be determined from the day one. First decide to acquire the knowledge.

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