Saturday, May 30, 2009

IIT 2011 June Study Plan

You can enjoy 31st May as a break.


June 2009

3. Atomic Structure

4. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties


June 2009
5. Complex numbers XI

6. Sequences and series XI


June 1 to 10

4. The forces

The force chapter is a small chapter. It is indicated in detailed study plan that you can use 7th June to 20th June to revise chapters 1 to 4. Don't waste time. Use the scheduled time to revise all the difficult problems in the four chapters. By revising difficult problems, you will understand the logic of solving those problems. Read the concepts once again. Understanding and frequent recollecting the materials will make it easy for you in the future. Try to do new problems whenever you have time. In the examination, you may not get the problems that you have solved. But solving many problems will give you the confidence and you can solve the new problems given in the examination. You should not fear the new problem. You become capable of solving new problems by solving a large variety of problems.

June 11 to 20

5. Newton’s law of motion

June 21 to 30

6. Friction