Friday, May 8, 2009

IIT JEE 2011 Status of Study 9th May 2009


You are doing 1. Some basic concepts of chemistry.

Any doubts ask in the IIT JEE Academy Orkut Community. Ask your doubts early so that there is some time for the community members to reply. Don't get frustrated if the reply does not come immediately. You have to learn to go ahead if needed and come back when somebody gives you the reply.


You must have completed 1. Sets XI - May 1st to 7th
Ask doubt if any in the orkut community.

You are now doing 2. Cartesian product of sets and relations XI - May 8 to 14th (Revise ch. 1)


You are doing 1. Introduction to physics

From 11th May you have to start 2. Physics and mathematics. If required you can have a look at vectors chapter of mathematics as well as differentiation chapter. Any doubts ask in the orkut community.

Don't neglect studies. The amount to be studied gets piled up if you neglect now.

See the full May plan

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