Tuesday, May 19, 2009

IIT JEE 2011 Physics Study Diary - Ch.3 Rest and Motion - Day 2

Plan for Day 2

4. Average velocity and instantaneous velocity
Ex. 3.4
Worked out example 2
3.5 Average accleration and instantaneous aceleration
WOE 3 to 4

Exercises: 1 to 5

Points to Note

Average velocity

Average speed and average velocity of a body over a specified time interval may not turnout to be same.

Example See the worked out example 2 of HC Verma's book.
The teacher made 10 rounds back and forth in the room and the total distance moved is 800 feet (10 rounds back and forth of 40 ft room). As the time taken is 50 minutes, average speed is 800/50 = 16ft/min.
But because he went out of the same door that he has entered, displacement is zero and hence average velocity is zero.

Instantaneous velocity

Average acceleration

Instantaneous acceleration

Position Vector: If we join the origin to the position of a particle by a straight line and put an arrow towards the position of the particle, we get the position vector of the particle.

If the particle moves from position A to position B, we can define position vector of A and position vector of B and OB - OA will give displacement ( a vector quantity).

Another point to note: slope of velocity-time diagram gives the instant acceleration at that point.

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